Dental Emergencies

In addition to your routine six monthly visits, should you experience any form of dental emergencies, you should contact us immediately. At Smile Creation, we do our very best to attend to dental emergencies as soon as possible even if it is during the weekend. Our team can cater for unexpected dental emergency treatment at short notice. We have the latest dental technology, allowing us to accommodate any emergency treatment.

Common dental emergencies include:

  • Tooth that has been knocked out (Please preserve your tooth in milk or saline as soon as it is knocked out until you see a dentist).
  • Facial or gum swelling.
  • Pain or Sensitivity in one or more teeth, which may refer to the head and neck region.
  • Cracked or Broken Tooth/ Teeth.
  • Toothache / Pain around the jaw area.
  • Emergency Cosmetic dentistry.
  • Infected or impacted wisdom teeth.
  • Emergency root canal treatment.

If you experience any dental emergencies, do not hesitate to call Smile Creation immediately. Dental emergencies left untreated, can lead to more problems, making the subsequent dental treatment more complex, invasive and expensive.

If you are in doubt, contact the team at Smile Creation to help you determine the best course of action.

Our opening hours are:

Monday : 9am-7pm
Tuesday : 9am-7pm
Wednesday : 9am-5pm
Thursday : 9am-7pm
Friday : 9am-5pm
Saturday : 8am to 1pm

Outside of the weekday and weekend opening hours (including Sunday), you can call our team to obtain emergency dental advice by calling 03 9467 5548.