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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal illustrationAt Smile Creation, we pride ourselves in offering quality yet affordable dental services for the whole family. Sometimes the best treatment required to save a tooth is a root canal.

A root canal is a treatment which cleans and removes an infected tooth or abscess causing pain or discomfort. Sometimes patients prefer to save the tooth as oppose to having it extracted. Where possible, our dentist prefers to save the tooth through root canal treatment.

The experienced team at Smile Creation, strive to provide root canal treatments that keep you as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Dr Sanjay and the team ensure your comfort by thorough communication and a relaxed environment.

Root Canal Treatment Benefits

A root canal treatment completely repairs and saves a damaged tooth. Many patients prefer to have their teeth saved where possible. This removes the need for an extraction when a tooth is severely damaged. Some benefits of a root canal include:

  • Removes the infection in the mouth and seals it off for future bacteria
  • Eliminates pain
  • All teeth remain intact
  • One-visit procedure so you can walk away with a healthy tooth again
  • Relieves the inflammation pressure in the mouth

When soft tissue in the gum becomes inflamed, it can cause infection and lead to severe tooth pain and tooth loss. It is majorly caused by prolonged tooth decay or tooth damage.

When the root canal is damaged, there is no real way to reverse it. The infection must be removed and cleaned, followed by sealing off the canal to prevent any further bacteria entering the area.

If you’re experiencing dental pain or gum inflammation, we encourage you to call us right away so we can address your concerns.

The first step to assessing your teeth and gums is to call us to book your appointment. Our gentle dentist, Dr Sanjay, will review your mouth and take X-rays if required.

We will then be able to complete the root canal treatment for you at your first appointment. This will get you out of pain quickly and have you walk away much more comfortable.

The procedure itself goes for about 30-60 minutes depending on the case. Give us a call if you’re unsure or have any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have payment plans?

At Smile Creation, we want all patients to enjoy healthy teeth and gums. We offer interest-free payment plans so you can get your treatment now and pay later.

I’m highly anxious about seeing the dentist. Can you offer me sedation for this treatment?

We work with even the most anxious patients at Smile Creation and take a lot of care with each patient. You will feel relaxed and comfortable when you see us.

If you prefer to have your treatment with sedation dentistry, we will have you meet with our dental anaesthetist to determine if you’re a good candidate. Under sedation, you can have multiple treatments completed at once.

What do I need to do for at-home care?

We ask you treat your teeth and gums with care following your treatment. The area may be more sensitive due to the procedure, so clean the area gently as you brush the rest of your teeth. We will go through all the instructions and address any concerns at your appointment.

Improve Your Oral Health

Call our practice today to book your appointment! We offer interest-free payment plans and have an array of general and cosmetic services to fit the whole family.

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