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Orthodontics in Bundoora

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wished your smile were more aligned? With the orthodontic options offered at Smile Creation, you can get the look you want. Whether your teeth are gapped, crooked or your bite is misaligned, we can help.


Invisible bracesUsing clear aligners much like Invisalign®, ClearCorrect devices straighten your teeth invisibly. They’re also removable, so you can take them out at meal times. Dentist Dr Sanjay Khanna is a provider for ClearCorrect and is well-versed in helping people achieve their desired results with this option.

The process involves a system of custom-created aligners that are switched out at regular intervals, slowly shifting your teeth into the proper position. Read more…

Quick Straight Teeth™

This affordable, effective way to align your smile uses invisible braces on the front teeth. Mild and moderate problems can be corrected, with many advantages:

• Comfortable
• Low-cost
• Rapid treatment times
• Tooth-coloured

All brackets and wires will blend in perfectly with your existing teeth, so there is no self-consciousness during your brief treatment time.


When it comes to choosing a clear aligner solution that provides outstanding results, the choice is clear – SmileStyler®.  Australia’s first clear aligner, SmileStyler is designed to make the process of getting your teeth realigned easy and reliable. Learn more…

Traditional Braces

Classic metal braces are still often chosen as a go-to way to straighten teeth. They’re suitable for all ages and can correct a variety of dental issues.

Not Sure Which Option is Right for You?

We’d be happy to meet with you and discuss which option is most suitable for you. !



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