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Custom Mouthguards

Girl putting mouthguard in mouthWith a commitment to prevention, the Smile Creation dental team seeks to use conservative treatments and will never recommend any unnecessary procedures. We offer appliances that will protect you during sport or from grinding and clenching at night.

Athletic Mouth Guards

Do you or your child play contact sports? It’s important to protect your teeth from any impact that may cause damage. A high percentage of dental emergencies originate from a sports injury. You can protect your smile with a customised mouth guard crafted right here at our practice.

Your smile can be protected with a custom-created mouth guard that’s comfortable and allows you to speak and function normally. There are numerous types of sports-related injuries that can be prevented, and athletes from any competition that involves contact can use them.

The first step to having a custom mouthguard created is to come in for an appointment. We will take moulds of your teeth so your mouthguard can fit perfectly to your bite and teeth.

You will also be able to pick any colour of your choice! Some people prefer multi-colour mouthguards, and others prefer white.

As soon as your mouthguard is ready, we will give you a call to come in and collect it. You will then be able to protect your smile during sports and play the game safely!

If you clench or grind your teeth (also known as bruxism), you may have painful headaches, an aching jaw, a worn-down bite or broken restorations. A custom-made night guard will protect your teeth and help your muscles to relax during sleep, protecting your dentition.

Fortunately, Smile Creation are experts in providing custom crafted night guards to keep your teeth safe during sleep. All you need to do is book in a single visit, where we will take impressions of your teeth and create your night guard.

As soon as it’s ready, you will receive a call from us to come in and collect it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer kids mouthguards?

Smile Creation offer mouthguards for children and adults alike! You will be able to customise your colour to suit you. Kids love to pick their colours as their team! You can also choose a multi-colour blend.

I require a mouthguard for my team. What’s the process to get one created for each?

At Smile Creation, we have a preventative approach to dental care. That means protecting your smile during sports too! If your footy or rugby team require a mouthguard each, we will need to take individual impressions of each.

We ask you book an appointment for each player and we will take care of their smile with a customised sports mouthguard.

I have bad jaw pain and headaches from grinding my teeth. Will a mouthguard help me?

If you’re experiencing headaches and jaw pain, this is more than likely due to your teeth grinding. Most people who suffer this grind their teeth at nights. It can become worse during more stressful periods in your life.

We ask you book an appointment with Dr Sanjay so he can assess your bite and take X-rays if required. We will then be able to determine how to best treat you and create your nightguard to prevent further damage.

I have a cracked tooth from football. Can I get a mouthguard and my tooth fixed at the one appointment?

The good news is, you can! First, we will apply a dental bonding solution to your chipped tooth. This is a safe, non-toxic resin which looks just like your normal tooth colour.

Once the dental bonding is complete and cured, we will then take some impressions of your teeth to create your custom mouthguard. It’s important to wait until your dental bonding has completely cured. So, your appointment may take anywhere from 45-60 minutes.

Protect Your Smile Today

Contact us today to schedule your visit! We accept all health funds and offer fast and easy claims on the spot with HICAPS.

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