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Man in dental chairAt Smile Creation, we are your family-friendly dentist for all your dental needs. We offer a wide range of general dentistry services to fit the whole family! With our modern techniques and technology, your smile is safe with us for life.

Fillings are one of the most common dental treatments completed here at Smile Creation. When a cavity is present in your tooth, this can cause some pain which will bring your attention to it. In some cases, however, no pain is associated with cavities which is why six-monthly checkups are important to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

The Filling Procedure

At Smile Creation, getting a dental filling is easy. It’s a simple, one-visit procure which goes for roughly 30-45 minutes depending on how many fillings you need and if you get a cleaning as well.

When you come in for your routine checkup and clean, we will check your teeth and gums and determine if you need any fillings. If you do, we will proceed with the gentle clean and fill the cavity with a composite resin solution.

The filling material is white coloured like the rest of your teeth, so it blends in perfectly.

Sometimes when more than one filling is needed, or if the tooth has more severe damage, we can determine whether dental bonding or a crown is more suitable.

Dental emergencies can happen any time or place. If you’re experiencing severe tooth pain, we urge you to call us right away. We have same-day visits available as much as possible to cater for our emergency patients.

Sometimes dental pain come from a cavity. A cavity is a hole in the tooth, commonly caused by bacteria and plaque buildup over time. If your tooth pain is from an accident such as a sporting injury, you may require more than a dental filling.

Instead, get you out of pain as quickly as possible and assess your teeth. You may require dental bonding which can be used to repair minor chipping and cracks.

At Smile Creation, the most common filling material we use is composite white fillings. These fillings are more aesthetic and have a white tooth-coloured appearance. They are a safe, non-toxic filling material which is widely used across the world.

The other type of filling material is amalgam fillings. These are a metal type, silver filling. Many years ago, amalgam fillings where widely used, but as dental technology has advanced, white composite fillings are now more common.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am highly anxious about seeing the dentist but have tooth pain. Do I need a filling?

Dr Sanjay and the team at Smile Creation, are highly experienced and gentle in their touch to dentistry. We care for even the most nervous patients and have turned them around to enjoy their visits with us.

Your comfort is our first priority and we take a lot of care with each patient explaining things thoroughly during your appointment. Our team will ensure you are as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

Do you accept private health funds?

We accept all health funds and can process your claim immediately with our HICAPS machine. We also have easy payment plans available if you decide to have more than just fillings completed.

How many appointments does a filling take?

Getting a dental filling is a quick and simple procedure. It’s a single visit appointment that takes anywhere from 15-30 minutes per filling.

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Any invasive or surgical procedure may carry risks. Before moving forward, it is recommended that you seek a second opinion from an appropriately licensed medical professional.

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