Dental Implants Bundoora

If you’re missing teeth, you’ve probably imagined what your smile would look like if it were fully restored and healthy again. At Smile Creation, our team is qualified to provide dental implants that will give you back your self-confidence.

Whether you have a single missing tooth, want to support dentures on implants or need all teeth replaced, this is the most advanced option available today.

At Smile Creation we use DIO implants. DIO implants are a total dental implant system used in over 70 countries across the world. DIO implants are proud to offer patients a comprehensive range of scientific-based and clinically tested solutions.

Dental Implants

Frequently Asked Questions

You will be able to care for it just like the rest of your teeth. It’s important to maintain good oral hygiene to protect the rest of your teeth and your gums as well! We also encourage you to come in for six-monthly checkups and cleans.
The implant procedure takes roughly one hour. Your follow up appointments typically only go for around 15-30 minutes.
The cost depends on what teeth, how many teeth and also whether you will have a crown or bridge attached to it as well. The good news is, Smile Creation offer flexible, interest-free payment plans so you can have your treatment now and pay later.

Restore Your Smile Today

To get started, we’ll evaluate your oral health and determine if you’re a suitable candidate. Contact our office to schedule your appointment!

Any invasive or surgical procedure may carry risks. Before moving forward, it is recommended that you seek a second opinion from an appropriately licensed medical professional.

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