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Straighten Your Smile With Fastbraces®

Fastbraces BundooraImagine being able to achieve a gorgeous, aligned smile in as few as three months? With Fastbraces, you can enhance your appearance in mere months (usually 3-12), not years. For a quarter century, this U.S.-based orthodontic system has been used in nearly 50 countries to straighten smiles around the globe!

Who Can Benefit From Fastbraces?

Patients of all ages, from children and teens to adults, can benefit from this state-of-the-art orthodontic system. If you have teeth that are tilted, gapped or overlapping, Fastbraces can effectively correct your crooked smile.

The Unique Bracket System

At your initial appointment progress will be made as the bracket system will upright the roots of your teeth. Fastbraces’ unique, award-winning bracket system also simultaneously shifts roots and crowns, dramatically cutting treatment time. Thanks to the triangular brackets that are used, no additional wire or elastic bands are required to keep your braces in place

Dr.Yeganeh Akbari
a proud FASTBRACES® provider:
braces technology that is fast,
safe and affordable.

Benefits of Fastbraces

This form of orthodontics features multiple benefits:

  • Saves time and treatment costs
  • Is safe and gentle
  • Gets exceptional results
  • Is more comfortable than traditional braces

Do Fastbraces Hurt?

It’s important to remember that any time teeth are shifted, some discomfort is to be expected. With Fastbraces, however, irritation is minimal compared to traditional braces.

If you’d like to see if Fastbraces may be an ideal solution for you, contact us today to book a consultation!



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