Tooth Whitening Melbourne

Greet the world with your new whiter smile. At Smile Creation, we offer Zoom Whitening both in chair and take home teeth whitening procedures. Both options are safe and harmless. Let us do the work for you with the in chair whitening system while you sit back and relax.

Should you opt for the take home whitening you can whiten your teeth at your convenience either during the day or at night and wherever you are and we will custom make trays to fit your mouth only. Have a chat with DrKhanna and he will provide you with the best whitening treatment based on your individual needs.

Could I use a store-bought tooth whitening product?

Yes, but don’t expect dramatic or consistent results. The “whitening” toothpastes can actually make your teeth more yellow down the track, because they have ingredients like baking soda which is abrasive and gradually scrape off your white enamel, revealing more of the yellow dentin layer.

Does tooth whitening hurt?

Not typically, although some people have extra sensitive teeth and might feel some mild discomfort. At Smile Creation, Dr Khanna will check your teeth to ensure your teeth are healthy to have your teeth whitened and the team at Smile Creation will prescribe necessary pretreatment procedures to reduce sensitivity. Whether you choose chair side teeth whitening; or a take home kit, a desensitizing gel can be applied to neutralize the effect of the whitening gel.

How white can my teeth become after tooth whitening?

Typically around six or eight shades whiter, whether you have a chair side whitening procedure, or a take-home kit. The team at Smile Creation will take photos before and after your whitening procedure. The difference will be quite obvious.

Usually, the only teeth that don’t respond dramatically are those with very deep staining, too deep for the whitening agent to reach. Those deep stains were formed as the teeth developed in childhood, often as a side effect of a medication such as tetracycline. If you have this type of staining, you might consider dental bonding or porcelain veneers.

How long will my teeth stay white after the whitening treatment?

That will depend on:

  • Your Daily Dental Hygiene
  • Your Daily Diet.

If you drink a lot of coffee black tea or red wine or consume food, such as blackberries, blueberries beetroot or curries, or smoke or use tabacco they will alter the colour of your teeth and make them darker or yellow. However, if you brush your teeth well after each meal or snack, and floss daily, your chances of keeping your teeth white are much higher.

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