Tooth Coloured and Porcelain Fillings

Traditionally, amalgam (mercury) fillings was the only material used in cavities. There are many other alternatives to amalgam such as direct composite (tooth coloured) fillings, and indirect porcelain fillings (Inlays/ Onlays) with the advancement in dental technology.

At Smile Creation, we will explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of each material for you.

Dental Porcelain (Indirect Fillings):

Dental porcelain can be matched to the colour of your natural teeth. A major advantage of a porcelain inlay or onlay is its strength. They are bonded directly into the tooth, so it increases the overall strength of your tooth.

Some Advantages Of Dental Porcelain Include:

  • Aesthetics – The same shade of porcelain is chosen to match your natural teeth colour.
  • Just like glass it is stain resistant.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Strengthen the tooth when bonded to the tooth.
  • It needs only the same care you would give to your other teeth.
  • Good alternative to the more complex crown.