Crowns and Bridges Melbourne

Crowns are required if your tooth although is naturally hard and strong it can be broken or weakened or chipped if any of the following occur:

  • Trauma (a fall)
  • Tooth decay
  • Large fillings
  • Root canal treatment removing the pulp from the tooth
  • Wear and tear due to age

If any of these occur then an artificial crown is the best way to save your natural tooth and strengthen it.

Crowns and bridges are made of porcelain and metal alloy. At Smile Creation, we offer porcelain crowns as they are cosmetically and functionally the best solution for severely decayed or damaged teeth as they look natural. The metal alloy is used for its strength, hardness and durability.

A tooth crown is permanently cemented to the tooth and gives it an entire new surface and shape. Teeth Crowns can be placed over any tooth, back or front. Sometimes they are a good solution for a large metal filling which has become old and threatens to crack the tooth. That filling can be removed and a porcelain crown placed over the tooth to strengthen and preserve it.

A bridge can replace one or more missing teeth. It is cemented to the adjacent natural teeth. Missing teeth can also be replaced by dental implants.

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